From Work Experience to Bon Tradie for Brandon

Brandon Southern

We met Muchea local Brandon Southern in 2011 through the BON Work Experience Program.

After demonstrating a high aptitude for the trade, BON offered Brandon an  Electrical Apprenticeship.

Brandon qualified in January this year and is now working for BON as a fully qualified Electrical Tradesman.

The BON work experience program runs in conjunction with surrounding area schools encouraging local students to consider a role within the Electrical industry.

BON take approximately 30 students a year through work experience using the platform as an opportunity to source apprentices with excellent potential.

Brandon said he found the work experience program helpful and enabled him to determine he wanted to pursue a career as an electrician.

“I found Bon Electrics work experience program very helpful, I got a wide view of the trade including domestic, commercial, industrial and even refrigeration which is not normally included in the trade. The work experience program enabled me to determine that becoming an electrician was what I wanted to do,” Brandon said.

Brandon was raised in Muchea and attended Bullsbrook District High School.

Brandon said  he had enjoyed completing his apprenticeship at BON.

“They are a local family owned business that care about their apprentices learning and progress. I knew if I gave it 100% they would give me everything to help me be the best I can.  Also, we cover a large range of work in all fields including domestic, commercial, industrial and pumps. Which is great for learning and gaining experience.”

Congratulations Brandon!

We look forward to working alongside you well into the future.

If you are interested in a work placement with BON we would love to hear from you!


PIX Conference

To keep Bon Electrics at the top of our game, our Managing Technical Director, Ben headed to the Gold Coast at the end of May for the Annual PIX (Poultry Information Exhibition).

The conference was held over three days and included the latest in innovation and information, with knowledgeable industry personnel from both Australia and overseas. Some of the highlights of the event included, presentations by Professor Neil Mann and Mike Czarick, who set minds thinking towards a sustainable future. Topics covering climate change and the environment, bird behaviour, marketing and some varying expert views on the Poultry Industry future. Another highlight was a keynote presentation from Safe Food Production Queensland.

By attending the PIX Conference and thinking on a larger scale, we can provide the best service possible. We are keeping in touch with our poultry client’s needs and cementing ourselves within the Poultry Industry.