Programmed electrical maintenance in an important practice of astute businesses. Electrical devices and components should be routinely checked and maintained for both safety and financial reasons.

Examples of advisable routine testing and maintenance items include, RCD’s , smoke alarms, air-conditioners, hand held or portable tools, emergency and exit lighting, office equipment, motor control units such as production machines or workshop equipment and cool rooms.

Ongoing routine maintenance will provide a reduction in breakdown costs therefore reducing downtime and production losses.
A preventative maintenance program will include some or all of the following:
– Scheduled RCD Testing (yearly)
– Scheduled smoke alarm testing (yearly)
– Scheduled thermographic scanning of switchboards (yearly or six monthly depending on business requirement)
– Scheduled testing and tagging of electrical equipment, tools and appliances
– Schedule emergency and exit light testing (six monthly)
– Scheduled review of lighting and power supply equipment
– Schedule servicing of motors
– Scheduled servicing of fixed plant such as production equipment

If you would like assistance determining your maintenance requirements we are able to meet with you and carry out a full assessment of your site.  We will provide a detailed report outlining an appropriate ongoing routine maintenance plan.